At Day’s Cottage we propagate old and unusual varieties of apple and pear trees, specialising in local Gloucestershire varieties.

Adam's Pearmain and Gloucester RoyalMany of these have been bought back from the brink of extinction and by planting one in your garden you will be helping to secure their future, as well as enjoying their wonderful fruit.

Their names draw a map of the county and form part of our local heritage. See Gloucestershire Orchard Trust for more information on local varieties including interactive map showing where varieties originate.

We are happy to advise on planting and should you require a particular variety not on our list, or want and old and loved tree to be propagated, we can graft to order, or you can come on a course and learn to do this yourself (see page on courses).


Root Stock

We supply trees grown on the following root stocks, which we have chosen as they produce good root systems.

Ashmead KernelM25 – Very vigorous, Ideal for full standard orchard trees.

MM106/M26 – General purpose for half standards and cordons – a good garden tree.

M27/M9 – Bare rooted and Pot grown, very dwarf – a true mini tree for the small garden or limited space.